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Title: Treatment Alternatives For Children
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Description: Parents concerned about the side effects of commonly used over-the-counter and prescription medicines are in search of safe and effective natural treatment alternatives. The National Institutes of Health reports one in nine children use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. A new resource, Treatment Alternatives for Children: Reduce Serious Side Effects with Natural Equivalents to Conventional Remedies for Common Childhood Ailments, co-authored by leading integrative pediatrician Lawrence Rosen MD and holistic dad and author Jeff Cohen, will help parents find science-based natural solutions to childhood illnesses.  This book is a Mom’s Choice Gold Award honoree.

Treatment Alternatives For Children
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Review: Disappointed
I was anxious to read this book, there is a need for holistic health education. I was very disappointed after reading this book,though, as the scope is very limited. Most suggestions for “treatment” only included one primary recommendation with possible mention of a few others. The suggestions were often very specific items, most often a manufacturer’s products. One of the reasons people seek alternative therapies is to get away from the cycle of drugs and side effects, not to trade one manufacturer’s product for another, even if they are “natural”.

This book is probably fine for someone who has never been introduced to alternative therapies before and just wants to buy a product targeted at a specific issue or to gain general information about what might be available in the natural health market. But for anyone who has explored other holistic therapies it will not be as useful. There was an interesting section at the back with lists of top 10: foods, herbs, homeopathic…

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Category: Holistic